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Facebook Group

The school has an optional Facebook group. This is for students to meet each other, plug show, ask questions etc.

New Will Hines Classes

Will (who is typing this) will have a new batch of multi-week classes that start after Labor Day. If you're in a "level class" you'll automatically get a spot in the next highest level if you want. Same for people who have taken levels in previous rounds. There will probably be one or two classes that are not a "level" but focus on some new topic. I'm going to figure it all by Friday August 14.

I'll also have a few one-session two hour workshops in the last weeks of August

If you are a current student and you want a break you can always pick up where you left off in the future. I'm excited people want to take these classes and will do what I can to accomodate.

3prov Shows

No shows the week of August 10! But these will be back! As well as jams and other types of shows.

3 person teams. 8 minute sets. 7 slots per show.

Teams should have 2 people who have taken multi-week classes.

LINEUPS for August 6 and August 7:
PERFORMERS use a Zoom link that you'll get over email.

AUDIENCE watch on YouTube channel:

Friday August 7 5pm
HELL YEAH - Anthony Householder, Ethan Smith, Elena Martinez
Washington Nationals - Jordana Mishory, Elizabeth Fulton, Isabel Galbraith
Horn Baby - Max Makovetsky, James Jelin, Kelsey Peters
Gusto - Amy riley, Amelia bane, Julia Kelly
Whimsical Sims - David Ney, Balint Hancz, and Tiffany C
The Faculty - Eric Weiss, Rachel Michaela, Grace Penzell/Brian Crane
Instant Oats - Seth Mason, Sahil Desail, John Russell

Thursday August 6 11am
Jace Spam - Sabrina Banes, Kathryn Fabbroni, Gerome Olona
Peek Noise - Amy Riley, Michelle Gilliam, Marianne Dimascio
CBE - Erick Acuña, Béatrice Leydier, Cara Popecki
Smutty McNutters - Ethan Sabella, Dan McClory, and Jenny Padget
The Faculty - Eric Weiss, Rachel Michaela, Grace Penzell/Brian Crane
Rebels in my Sight - Flaviu Popescu, Melissa Suan, Cameron Davis
JMG International - Julia Kelly, Max Bank, Gareth O'Connor
A Duck called Success - Thomas Barnwell, Monika Schneider, Dale Bernier

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