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Will Hines' improv workshops for better communication, creative thinking and fearless brainstorming! Exclamation point!

Ah, the workplace! Where no matter how good your intentions, everyone ends up talking in circles and forgetting to listen! Improv can help. Developed to help actors create scenes without a script, improv exercises are one of the best available tools to practice a precious skill: communication. It also helps with creative thinking, fearless brainstorming and stronger empathy. Will Hines, one of the most renowned teachers of improv in the world, can bring these workshops to you!

Skills You Learn

Active Listening

The number one skill that improv teaches you is LISTENING. Active, involved, deep listening. Hear and understand other people like never before.

Being Present

Let go of the past and fear not the future. The present moment is where your attention should be. Improv shows you how to make sure you're doing it.

Third Thought

The key to creative thinking is using your "third thought" -- not your first idea, not our second -- but the magic number three. Learn to jump right to it for better and more fertile ideas.


All conversation is a series of offers. Once you see that, you will improve your empathy, listening, and ability to put people at ease.


Improv teaches bravery: in conversation, in expressing yourself, in hearing others. There's no need to be coy, to be quiet. You matter, and your opinion will be heard.

Available Workshops

Improv Workout
Two hours, 10-20 people A series of fun easy exercises that get you on your feet, learning the basics of improv. Among the skills taught: the principle of "yes, and" used for better conversations. Learn to recognize people's conversations as offers. Paying attention to HOW things are said more than WHAT.
Advanced Improv Workout
Two hours, 10-20 people For people who have taken the workout before, this is a series of more advanced exercises. We get into actual performing and acting skills in this one. We talk about establishing context, answering the questions that need answering, etc.
Improv for Creative Professionals
Six hours, 10-30 people For writers, editors, filmmakers. use principles of improv to go for a "third thought." Learn how "saying yes" to "offers" can be used for humor and surprise. Practice establishing a tone first, and specifics later.
Short Form Show
Six hours, 5 to 50 people A special one. Will trains a group to perform a structured improvised show. Learn a series of improv games that you can do with minimal practice in front of a crowd. Great for corporate retreats, or company-wide events. Let the rest of the company see a small group do an improv show, with Will as the host.

About Will

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After spending his 20s as a computer programmer, Will Hines caught the improv bug when he began studying and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 1999 in New York City. He's gone on to become one of the most respected and experienced improv instructors in the entire world. He's a senior faculty member at the UCBT where he's taught, studied with, and performed on stage with some of the best comedic actors in America. He's written three books on improv, including How to Be the Greatest Improviser on Earth -- one of the best-selling acting textbooks on Amazon. He's worked for such clients as Google, Grey Advertising, the NFL. He's also taught at theaters all over the world, including: London, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Montreal and even Iceland. In addition, he's a working actor in Hollywood, having appeared on several top comedies of the last decade including Brooklyn 99, Broad City, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Inside Amy Schumer. If you're curious to see his work, you can watch his acting reel, or see his credits on IMDB.

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Past/Current Clients

Google • National Football League • Grey Advertising • Mah Hwa Theatre of Beijing • Comedy Cafe of Berlin • B. Weinstein Advertising • C3Something Collective of London